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HID FARGO Connect Integration
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Access It! version 9.0 introduced support to integrate with the HID FARGO Connect platform. Through the integration users can map existing FARGO templates to Access It! badge types as well as card and cardholder parameters . Upon badge print, the data parameters are sent to the FARGO Connect platform and from there a print job is issued to a printer.

Access It! Licensing
The following licensing option must be enabled within the Access It! license and is a system wide option.

  • ID Badging - Yes
  • HID FARGO Connect Integration - Yes
    If licensed but the system is not yet configured, the option will report as Error.

Required Components

The following components are required to complete the integration:

  • Access It!  min s/w v9.1
  • HID FARGO Connect account
  • HID FARGO Connect API Key
  • HID FARGO Connect certificate and certificate password
  • One or more pre-created HID FARGO Connect Card Templates
    HID FARGO specific data can be obtained through the HID FARGO Connect Portal..

Server Configuration

  1. Within Access It! , navigate to the Servers section located under the System menu
  2. Edit the Access It! server
  3. Click the HID FARGO Connect tab
  4. Enter the Server URL for the HID FARGO Connect API.
    The default for cloud deployments is
  5. Enter the API Key
  6. Navigate to the HID supplied FARGO Connect certificate file
  7. Enter the certificate password
  8. Click Save
  9. Close the Access It! workstation
  10. Stop the Access It! service
  11. Start the Access It! service

Badge Type Mapping

  1. Within Access It!, navigate to the Configuration menu and select Badge Types
  2. Within the ribbon menu, select New HID Fargo Connect Badge Type
  3. Enter a friendly name for the badge type
  4. Select the HID FARGO Connect profile and template to map
  5. For each data parameter loaded from the HID FARGO Connect profile, map a value from Access it! by clicking in the source cell and selecting the appropriate value
    The Auto Map button will map fields that match exactly between HID FARGO Connect and the Access It! database.
  6. If a field is required to be sent to HID FARGO on print, select the Required checkbox.
  7. Under the printer tab, select the printer responsible for printing this badge type
  8. If required, configure the input hopper as needed
    The Following Steps only apply if using the integration to read back the printed card number and then update the value in Access It!
  9. Select the card edge type (technology) being used
  10. Select if the Access It! record should be updated to reflect the card's card number or card serial number
  11. Select what value from the card should be used for the facility code or if a static value should be applied
    Most systems should utilize the "Use 'Facility Code'" option. Systems that cannot use this field can enter a custom field by selecting "Use other data..." and specifying field name in the Facility code textbox.
  12. Click OK


Badge Assignment

Badge Types are assigned at the card level and can be applied by creating a new card or editing an existing card and assigning under the Badge Type tab. An arbitrary card number and facility code must be assigned to the card when using:

  • The integration to read back the printed card number and then update the value in Access It!
  • Not using physical access control cards 


Badge Printing
Badges can be printed to cards with an assigned badge type by navigating to the Cardholder or Card screen. With a card selected, the option to print can be issued form the toolbar or right click menu. Badge Preview support is currently not an offering of the HID FARGO Connect API and thus cannot be previewed through Access I!.


Badge Print Job Status
Print job's can be viewed by navigating to the Cardholder or Card screen. Within the card pane, or with a card selected, right click and from the menu select view HID FARGO Connect print jobs.

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