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Client Installation and Upgrading
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Beginning with Access It! Universal.NET 8.1 there are two new client installation methods. The ability to automatically upgrade clients, as well as stream installs to new client computers. Existing clients must already be running a minimum of version 8.1 in order to support automatic future upgrades. Automatic client upgrades, as well as stream deployments are performed over TCP port 3032. An optional, customer-supplied SSL certificate can be used to encrypt the deployment if needed.

New Client Deployments

The traditional method of downloading client installation media and manually installing it is still a valid and supported method. An alternative method to stream the installation can also now be performed as outlined below.

  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET, navigate to System | Servers
  2. Edit the Access It! Universal.NET server
  3. Select the Services tab
    • Client Update Port: The port the service uses to upgrade and deploy clients. By default this is port 3032. If encrypting deployment with a SSL certificate select (check) Use HTTPS
    • Client Update File Path: the path where the service maintains a copy of the client installation media. The default setting is the install directory of the software. 
  4. Click Copy Link to store in the clipboard a link that can be pasted in a clients web browser to obtain a copy of the client installation. The client must be able to route to the server over the port used for client updates.
  5. Click Email Link to send an email to a specified address containing a link and instructions for obtaining the client installation. The client must be able to route to the server over the port used for client updates.
  6. Upon navigating to the URL on a client machine, the setup software will download and then need to be manually opened. Upon initial launch the client will automatically install itself to the local users application directory.

Client Upgrades

Once running Access It! Universal.NET version 8.1, on client opening, the software will automatically upgrade if the server version differs. No user interaction is required.

More Information
Automatic upgrades and stream installations are installed to the users app data folder. This means the software is deployed on a per user basis. If using a client PC where multiple logged in users require the use of Access It! Universal.NET, the installs will need to be done independently or the traditional installation route should be performed as that is installed to the machines program files directory.

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