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Legacy Software Daylight Savings Issue
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Legacy versions of Access It! software shipped with a version of the Mercury-Security drivers which encounter issues whenever Daylight Savings settings for the year 2030 are defined. By design, Access It! always calculates DST settings 10 years in advance which, combined with the driver issue, leads to DST not working with the most recent time change. The only resolution for this issue is to upgrade the software to a supported platform that contains a newer version of the Mercury-Security driver that is not impacted by DST and the year 2030.

Impacted Products

  • Access It! Ultra
  • Access It! Universal (v1-v5)
  • Access It! Universal.NET v6.0


If require help on obtaining information on upgrading software, please contact an Authorized RS2 Dealer or a RS2 Regional Sales Manager.

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