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SaaS Access It! Universal.NET SCP Setup
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This document outlines how to configure the SaaS Access It! Universal.NET Software to accept the incoming connection from your LP/EP IP Client configured panel.

SaaS Access It! Universal.NET SCP Setup

  1. Navigate to the SCPs section within Web Client
  2. Select New SCP from the toolbar
  3. Set SCP Name accordingly
  4. Set Model accordingly
  5. Set SCP Timezone accordingly
  6. Select the Comm tab
  7. Set the Channel
    All SCP’s will use the same channel already configured.
  8. Enter the MAC Address of the SCP with no semicolons
    FF0102030405 - MAC Address must be entered in capital letters and must be unique across SCPs.
  9. Click Save

More Information

If further assistance is necessary, please contact the RS2 SaaS Team for additional information.

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