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Accounting for Temporary Access Levels
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When adding Access Levels to a Card/Cardholder the error Card x (x) can't have more than 5 Access Levels for Site: SITENAME. Access Level x is reserved for Temporary Access is raised.


Starting with Access It! Universal.NET v7.3.4, when making use of Temporary Access Levels the system will no longer let the user assign the maximum number of Access levels per card. For example, if Access Levels per Card is set to 6 then only 5 Access Levels may be assigned to the Card/Cardholder as the 6th is reserved for the Temporary Access Level.


In order to account for the Temporary Access Level the Access Levels per Card count must be increased.

  1. Navigate to Sites (System | Sites)
  2. Edit the Site that is being worked with
  3. Select the Card Options tab
  4. Increase Access Levels per card to the desired Access Levels per Card + 1
  5. Click Save
  6. Select the desired Panel Reset method
    All SCPs on this Site must be reset or Cards will not properly download to the SCPs.
  7. Log Out of Access it! Universal.NET (File | Login...)
  8. Log Into Access It! Universal.NET
  9. Assign Access Levels as desired


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