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Zeroconf Device Discovery
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Mercury Security has chosen to implement the mDNS (multicast-DNS) and DNS-SD (DNS Service Discovery) methods of the Zeroconf standard. Zeroconf is sometimes also known as Bonjour. This is a common, open standard in use for discovery of network resources. Under Zeroconf, devices announce the services they offer, and how to connect to them. Mercury Devices announce the following services, according to Zeroconf guidelines:

EP/LP Controllers:

  • Web Server Service - _http._tcp
  • Web Server Service over SSL/TLS - _https._tcp
  • Mercury Host-to-Controller service - _msp2._tcp


  • Web Server Service over SSL/TLS - _https._tcp
  • Mercury Controller-to-SIO service - _msp1._tcp

The Mercury-specific service names eventually may be reserved and registered with the Zeroconf Foundation ( This will provide reasonable assurance that the service names cannot be used by non-Mercury devices in the future.

Disabling ZeroConf Discovery
The ZeroConf discovery service can be disabled within the web browser of the EP/LP controller

  1. Open a web browser and go to IP address of the EP/LP controller
  2. On the EP/LP controller set S1 - Configuration DIP Switch DIP 1 ON
  3. Click Click Here to Login
  4. Click Continue to this website (not recommended).
  5. Enter a Username of admin
  6. Enter a Password of password
  7. Click Users from the left hand menu
  8. Select (check) the option Disable ZeroConf Device Discovery
  9. Click Apply Setting from the left hand menu
  10. Click Apply, Reboot button

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