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Soloinsight Visitor Management Integration
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Soloinsight Inc. is an acknowledged leader in Visitor Management. The Soloinsight Visitor Management Integration can be fully integrated to an existing system. By using a database connector, it is possible to utilize Soloinsight's enrollment feature to integrate with existing cardholders. Once the database connector is in place, the SoloInsight Smart Reception application can check in visitors, assign cards with access in a seamless registration process.

Installation Requirements

The following requirements must be met in order to utilize the Soloinsight Visitor Management Integration with Access It! Universal.NET.

  • Access It! Universal.NET Version 6.1 - 6.4
  • Soloinsight Smart Reception
    Obtained from Soloinsight Inc.
  • Soloinsight Cloud Gate
    Obtained from Soloinsight Inc.
  • Soloinsight Database Connector
    Obtained from Soloinsight Inc.

Solo Insight Inc. Smart Reception and Cloud Gate Setup

Consult the Soloinsight Inc. for more information of obtaining their Visitor Management Integration with RS2 Technologies, LLC.

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