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Telaeris XPressEntry Integration
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Telaeris XPressEntry provides hendheld access control solutions as well as a emergency evacuation and employee mustering solution. By integrating directly to the Access It! Universal.NET database, it is possible to link readers and access areas between XpressEntry and Access It! Universal.NET. Upon valid access, XpressEntry sends the event so that is also displayed within the event journal of Access It! Universal.NET allowing for reporting and mustering capabilities.

Access It! Universal.NET Licensing
The following licensing option must be enabled within the Access It! Universal.NET dongle and is a system wide option.

  • Integrated Reader 1/x

Required Components

The following components are required to complete the integration.

  • Access It!® Universal.NET min s/w v6.4.0.12
  • Any LP Controller min f/w v1.269

More Information
For detailed steps on implementing the integration see the Telaeris XPressEntry documentation.

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