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Custom Reports - CWO
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Should the need arise whereby the stock reports built-into Access It! Universal.NET do not meet the end user's specific needs, custom reports may need to be created by RS2 to facilitate their need. The following outline the overall process from start to finish on requesting, ordering, and supplying such custom reports.

  1. RS2 will quote the number of hours required to create the custom report based on the criteria supplied by the Authorized RS2 Dealer
  2. The development fee is on a per/hourly basis and listed in the Dealer Price Schedule available from within the Dealer Area of the RS2 website
  3. Once the Authorized RS2 Dealer supplies a purchase order for the amount quoted, a Custom Work Order (CWO) is opened by Customer Service
  4. The Authorized RS2 Dealer is then required to supply a layout of how they would like the report to look along with the details of how the report should run and/or the selection criteria needed to generate the report
  5. RS2 will then create the report in house and email the exported .RPX report file to the email address supplied by the Authorized RS2 Dealer from the CWO
  6. Access It! Universal.NET v6.3.0.1 or newer has the ability to right click within the Reports screen and select Import to insert the custom report into the system and do not require the aid of the Report Designer option to do so
    Older systems which do not have the Report Designer option enabled will require further assistance from RS2 technical support.

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