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HID OmniKey Enrollment


Starting in Access It! Universal.NET, the ability to use a HID OmniKey USB desktop reader to enroll a card has been added.

Access It! Universal.NET Licensing
The following licensing option must be enabled within the Access It! Universal.NET dongle and is a system wide license.

  • Encoder Support - Yes

OmniKey Used for Development


Workstation Setup

  1. Ensure the OMNIKEY reader is plugged in and installed within Windows
  2. Open Access It! Universal.NET
  3. Within the System menu, navigate to Workstations
  4. Edit the Workstation that will be enrolling cards
  5. Select the Enrollment Reader tab
  6. Select the option to add card when a new card is presented at an enrollment reader
  7. Select the Encode/Enroll tab
  8. Select New
  9. Assign a friendly name for the OmniKey reader
  10. Select PSCS from the device type drop list
  11. Select Setup
  12. Select the OMNIKEY encoder from the reader name list
  13. Enter the card layout format data for the card being enrolled

Enrolling a card


  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET navigate to the Cards screen
  2. Select the friendly enrollment name from the toolbar
  3. When prompted, present the card to the OmniKey reader
  4. Complete the New Cardholder wizard as needed


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