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Operating Mode
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Operating modes allow for dynamically changing the definition of an access level. This is useful in situations such as lockdowns or open houses where a cards access definition requires altered behavior.


  • Access It! Universal.NET min s/w v7
  • EP/LP Series Controller min f/w 1.201


The following technologies will not support operating modes:

  • Allegion ENGAGE Edge Devices
  • ASSA ABLOY IP Locksets
  • Floor Codes
  • SALTO SHIP Readers


  1. Navigate to the System menu
  2. Select Sites
  3. Edit the Site to use operating modes
  4. Select the Operating Modes tab
  5. Enter the number of operating modes to use
  6. For each operating mode, enter a friendly name.
  7. If needed, select a custom color schema for each mode
  8. Click Save
  9. Log off and back into to Access It! Universal.NET

Access Levels

  1. Navigate to the Configuration menu
  2. Select Access Levels
  3. Edit an existing, or create a new access level
  4. With the first operating mode selected, assign the timezone/reader combinations as needed
  5. Select the next operating mode and assign timezone/reader access as needed
  6. Repeat step 5 for each additional operating mode
  7. Click Save

Changing Operating Modes

There are three methods to change a panels operating mode. Tasks, the Operating Modes screen, and the SCPs screen.


Within the hardware tree, under the SCP, a task can be created to automatically execute upon a system event, including when an operating mode changes state. The steps tab of a task can then be configured to alter the panels operating mode.

Operating Modes screen

  1. Navigate to the Main menu
  2. Select Operating Modes
  3. With the Site highlighted, select the Set Operating Mode command from the toolbar
  4. The Operating Modes screen will report the number of panels that successfully changed their operating mode

SCPs screen

The SCPs screen includes a column reporting the current operating mode of the panel. To change the mode of a single SCP, select the Set Operating Mode command from the toolbar or the right click commands menu.

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