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Half-Day Holidays
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This article describes the steps needed to configure a holiday and apply it to an  active schedule so that the timezone will end earlier than its expected time.

Access It! Universal.NET

  1. Navigate to the Holidays section (Configuration | Holidays)
  2. Select New from the toolbar
  3. Assign a relevant name, e.g. Half-Day Holiday
  4. Set the Holiday Date to the day the schedule should end early
  5. Set the Holiday Duration to 1 day
  6. Check a single Holiday Group
    It is important the holiday group assigned is not in use within the current active schedule.
  7. Click Save
  8. Navigate to the Intervals section (Configuration | Intervals)
  9. Select New from the toolbar to create a new Interval
  10. Assign a relevant name e.g., Half-Day Interval
  11. Check only the box for the Holiday group used within step 6
    No days of the week need to be checked.
  12. Navigate to the Timezones section (Configuration | Timezones)
  13. Edit the active schedule that needs to be ended early
  14. Assign the newly created Interval
  15. Click Save

More Information

The calendar display in the bottom pane represents the selected Timezones schedule. If the calendar is switched to the week of the half day holiday, the timezone will display Red if it is to be inactive (Door Locked) or green if it is to be active (Door Unlocked).

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