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LifeSafety Power Supply
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Beginning in Access It! Universal.NET 6.1, support has been added for EP controllers to communicate to the LifeSafety Power Netlink NL4 module. This integration allows for monitoring and control of LifeSafety Power inputs and outputs.

Upon the installation of the NL4 within Access It! Universal.NET, all ancillary inputs and outputs for are created for (4) M8 distribution models. If not using any of the created inputs or outputs they can be removed by unchecking the device installed checkbox located in the respective devices properties screen. 

Tunnel Mode

Access It! Universal.NET V8 introduced the ability to have a single network drop communicate to both an LP panel and a NL4 via the LP's tunnel support. This feature requires a Micro USB/Ethernet adapter that plugs into the USB port of the LP panel. In this scenario, NIC2 of the LP would be configured for a static IP address in the same network as the NL4. It is recommended the NIC2 and NL4 be in a different network range than the LP's primary NIC card.

Required Components

The following components are required to complete the integration.

  • Access It!® Universal.NET min s/w v6.1
  • Any LP/EP series controller using an encrypted communication method min f/w 1.241
  • USB2-E100 Micro-B Ethernet adapter (for tunnel mode support)
  • LifeSafety NL4 min f/w 8.05M

Access It! Universal.NET configuration

  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET, navigate to the Hardware menu
  2. Edit the SCP communicating to the Lifesafety NL4
  3. Change SIO Port Configuration Port 4 protocol to PSIA
  4. Select Web Logins tab
  5. Click New
  6. Select PSIA Client Login for Web login type
    Set to PSIA with tunneling for tunnel mode.
  7. Enter the credentials used to access the LifeSafety NL4 via the web interface
  8. Click OK
  9. Click Save
  10. Expand SCPs
  11. Expand the SCP the LifeSafety NL4 will be installed under
  12. Select SIOs from the left hand menu
  13. A list of all available SIOs appear in the pane to the right of the hardware tree
  14. Edit the first uninstalled SIO from the right hand pane
    General Tab
    Model: LifeSafety Power NL4
    Device Installed: X
    IP Address: <Set accordingly>
    When using tunnel support, enter LP's NIC1 IP address.
  15. Click Save

More Information

For information on configuring encrypting communication see the following articles:

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