ASSA ABLOY IP Locksets Not Reporting Events

The ASSA ABLOY Lockset(s) will not report events to the Access Control server (machine with the dongle attached).


  • Verify the AMT.UDL located in C:\ProgramData\RS2 Technologies, LLC\Access It! Universal is properly setup, and can successfully test the connection. To ensure Windows has not virtualized the file, open the UDL with notepad to ensure the data is correct.
  • Ensure that the lockset can perform a "Verify Connection to Host" using the LCT tool.
  • With Access It! Universal services disabled, register IP lockset events and verify data is logged in the OFTransaction.Transactionn or the OFS.CustomTransaction table for events. If only online/offline events are reporting, rebuild the AMT Binding tables by running ReloadBindings.bat with the argument for SQL Server:
    • "C:\Program Files (x86)\AHG420 Driver\DBInstaller\Bindings\ReloadBindings.bat" SQL\INSTANCE
  • Restart the (2) AMT Services, the DCS service, and the Access It! Universal service.

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  • 22-Apr-2014