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Database Backup Error
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In the alarms screen, an alarm is generated with the description of "Database Backup Error". 


View the Alarms Detail field for further information on the cause of the error.

General Notes

By default, Access It! Universal.NET will back up the AIUniversal and accompanying events databases once a week. If using a custom SQL Server, this setting must be manually disabled in the Settings.ini file.

To disable the Database Configuration Utility from attempting to back up the database on a custom SQL Server:

1) Navigate to the AppData folder (Start | Programs | Access It! Universal.NET | Utilities | Open AppData Folder) or by browsing to .\ProgramData\RS2 Technologies, LLC\Access It! Universal.NET

2) Locate the Settings.ini file, and open with Notepad

3) Locate the line “Automatic Backup Schedule Type” and set the backup type to 0

4) Save the updated Settings.ini file, and close it.

5) Restart the Access It! Universal.NET service.

More Information

For further information on the Settings.ini file, please view:

Modifying Access It! Universal.NET Settings.ini

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