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Access It! Universal.NET To Access It! Universal.NET Version 6 Upgrade


This document outlines the steps needed to upgrade an existing Access It! Universal.NET system to an Access It! Universal.NET v6 system. The upgrade process requires that a backup of the Access It! Universal databases be performed prior to any upgrade.

This document applies to:

  • Access It! Universal.NET v5

Upgrade Precautions

  • After the upgrade is performed, all SCP panels will be set as Uninstalled. This is done so that the dealer may install the SCPs one at a time allowing for a controlled system-wide reset. While uninstalled, the Access It! Universal.NET service will continue to process all panel events. Any database updates made while uninstalled will be processed after the panel completes the firmware download and reset.
  • Due to User Permission enhancements, it may be required that User Group properties be updated.
  • Regional Server installations must use the Database Configuration Utility and drop all SQL replication Publications and Subscriptions. These should be rebuilt after upgrading.
  • Bosch G, GV2 and GV3 v8.05 intrusion detection panels are no longer supported. Bosch panels should be updated to Bosch GV3 v8.13 or greater.


The following steps should be complete on the Server machine (computer with dongle attached).

  1. Within Access It! Universal, perform a status request of the SCPs making note of the active card counts of each SCP
    It is important that this step be performed as it will be used to compare the card downloads in the Post Installation.
  2. Make note of User Group Permissions
  3. Make note of Badge Type designs
  4. Make note of Custom Reports
  5. Exit all Access It! Universal workstations
  6. Right click My Computer
  7. Select Manage
  8. Expand Services and Applications
  9. Select Services
  10. Right click on the Access It! Universal service
  11. Select Properties
  12. Click the Stop button, if the Access It! Universal service is currently running
  13. Select the Log On tab
  14. Make note of how the Log on as: is configured
    If configured to use ‘This account:’, the exact Username and Password will be needed in the Post Installation.
    This account:                                                                          
  15. Using the Backup Utility, perform a backup of the system.
    How to use the Backup Utility!


The following steps should be complete on the Server machine (computer with dongle attached).

  1. Install Access It! Universal.NET v6 over the existing Access It! Universal v5.0 installation on the computer with the dongle attached
  2. Click the Finish button within the Access It! Universal InstallShield form

Post Installation

The following steps should be complete on the Server machine (computer with dongle attached).

  1. Update the dongle via the RS2 website Dongle Update page.
  2. Right click My Computer
  3. Select Manage
  4. Expand Services and Applications
  5. Select Services
  6. Right Click on the Access It! Universal service
  7. Select Properties
  8. Setup the Access It! Universal service to match the old Access It! Universal service
    From Pre- Installation – Step 11.
  9. Start the Access It! Universal service
  10. Adjust UserGroup permissions as needed
  11. Launch the Access It! Universal workstation
  12. Enable each SCP one at a time
    Access It! Universal will automatically upload any stored transactions and then reset the SCP and download new firmware. During this time, the readers will run in Offline mode which by default is Facility Code. After the firmware has been successfully updated, the SCP will reset and begin downloading the system information and cards data resulting in some cards not functioning for up to roughly 5 minutes.
  13. Install Access It! Universal.NET v6 over the existing installations on client workstations using Client Only Installation

Rollback Access It! Universal Upgrade

The following steps should be complete on the Server machine (computer with dongle attached) in the event that a system rollback is required.

  1. Uninstall Access It! Universal.NET v6
  2. Delete AIUniversal.UDL
    The UDL file is located at C:\ProgramData\RS2 Technologies, LLC\Access It! Universal
  3. Install the original Access It! Universal.NET
  4. Restore Access It! Universal database
    Performing A Restore on Access It! Universal.NET

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