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Event Archive
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Applies to

  • Access It! Universal
  • Access It! Universal.NET


By default, Access It! Universal.NET performs a system archive every time the AIUEvent database reaches 1 million events. This value can be modified using the database configuration utility (Start | Programs | Access It! Universal.NET | Utilities | Database Configuration Utility). On an hourly basis the Access It! Universal.NET service will compare the number of rows within the AIUEvents database to the configured Archive Settings. If the threshold is reached an archive is performed and the following steps are taken.

  1. A brand new AIUEvents database is created
    The AIUEvents database is named after the year, month, day, hour, minute, second it was created. 
  2. The stored procedure within the AIUniversal database is rebuilt so any new events are placed in the newly created database 
  3. The views vwEvents and vwEvents_composite are rebuilt so that the Access It! Universal.NET service queries the old and new AIUEvents database 

Manual Archiving

To perform a manual archive of the system perform the following steps

  1.  On the server machine, open the Database Configuration Utility (Start | Programs | Access It! Universal.NET | Utilities | Database Configuration Utility)
  2. Connect to the SQL Server
  3. Once Connected, the utility will be in the archiving screen
  4. Click the Archive button to perform an archive
  5. Close the Database Configuration Utility

Disable Manual Archiving

  1. Open Access It! Universal.NET
  2. Navigate to System > Servers
  3. Edit the Server 
  4. Select the Archive Settings tab
  5. Change Automatically Archive to Never
  6. Click Save

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