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Access It! Universal.NET – Client Information
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Access It! Universal.NET has both a thick client and a web client option available. The Access It! Universal.NET Web Client is an optional feature that must be purchased and enabled in the license to use. Additionally, there is a separate installer for the web client that must be configured and installed on the server. The web client option does not add any additional client licenses, but does allow for the client seat to be used either through the thick client or through the web client.


The web client option is an ideal solution for increasing accessibility to the Access It! Universal.NET platform. By leveraging the power of the built-in Microsoft Windows web server, Internet Information Services (IIS), Access It! Universal.NET can be deployed on the server and accessed from any machine that has a modern browser and a connection to the server. Depending on the device used to connect, the web client renders in a responsive fashion. The web client provides a simple solution to access and administer the Access It! Universal.NET platform remotely or from a mobile device.

Client Comparison

Feature Thick Client Web Client/Mobile
Windows OS Required Yes No
View Events Yes Yes
View/Acknowledge Alarms Yes Yes
Manage Users Yes Yes
Execute Device Actions (Lock, Unlock, Grant Access, etc.) Yes Yes
Search Cardholders/Cards Yes Yes
Edit Cardholders/Cards Yes Yes
Configure Access Levels Yes Yes
Execute Tasks/Macros Yes Yes
View Maps Yes No
Badge Designer Yes Yes
Data Exchange Yes No
Intrusion Detection Integration Yes No
DVR Integration Yes


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