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Modifying The Windows Hosts File To Resolve DNS Issues
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TCP\IP under Windows NT allows a computer to communicate over a network with another computer by using either an IP address, a host name, or a NetBIOS name. However, when one computer attempts to communicate with another computer using one of these three naming conventions, that name must ultimately be resolved to a hardware IP address. The Hosts file is used when a computer is unable to ping another computer by computer name, but can ping by IP address.

Server Setup

Windows 7/8/10

Opening the Hosts File

  1. Click Start button
  2. Click All Programs
  3. Click Accessories
  4. Right-click Notepad
  5. Click Run as Administrator
  6. Within Notepad, select File|Open
  7. Change File Types from Text Documents (*.txt) to All Files (*.*)
  8. Browse to the .\Windows\System32\drivers\etc folder
  9. Select the hosts file and click open 

Modifying the Hosts File

  1. Navigate to the end of the document
  2. Enter the Clients IP address
  3. On the keyboard, press the Tab key
  4. Enter the Clients computer name
  5. Repeat steps 1-4 for each additional client
  6. Select File | Save

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