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PAM V5 LED control
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When using version 5 of the HID pivCLASS Access Module (PAM) and wiring up the LED wire, it is possible to get erratic results displayed upon the LCD screen when access is granted. This is the result of the voltage between the LED and GND altering every .2 seconds. To resolve this, a custom LED mode must be defined.

Implementing Custom Reader LED Functionality

The steps below outline the process of creating Custom Reader LED Functions.

  1. Edit the SCP the PAM is attached to (Hardware | SCPs)
  2. Select the Reader Display tab
  3. Select the Access Granted event from the Reader Mode column
  4. Select green for the on color
  5. Select green for the the off color
  6. Select the Card Only event from the Reader Mode column
  7. Select red for the on color
  8. Select red for the the off color
  9. Click Save
  10. Navigate to the PAM Reader 
  11. Select the Reader Settings tab
  12. Click Edit... for the Reader Type
  13. Click New
    By clicking New, the settings are pre-configured for a PAM reader. All other reader types such as Proximity w/Keypad, Magstripe, etc. should be duplicated based on their respective Reader Type settings.
  14. Type a friendly name into the Reader Type Name field
  15. Select the Options tab
  16. In the Reader LED Function section select Use Custom LED Function (Defined in SCP Screen)
  17. Click OK
  18. Click Save
  19. Select the newly created Reader Type from the Reader Type drop down
  20. Click Save

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