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SCP Automatically Uninstalled
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After a software upgrade or update is performed, all SCP panels may be set as uninstalled. The reason for this, is so that the dealer may install the SCPs one at a time allowing for a controlled system-wide reset. Once the panel has been reinstalled, it will undergo a firmware download and/or a panel reset if needed.

Will My SCP Be Uninstalled?

The following chart depicts the available upgrade paths as well as if the SCP(s) will be automatically uninstalled.

  • Red Squares = All System Controllers are to be uninstalled
  • Purple Squares = Only LP and EP System Controllers are to be uninstalled
  • Green Squares = Only LP System Controllers are to be uninstalled
  • Blue Squares = Only EP System Controllers are to be uninstalled
  • Orange Squares = No System Controllers are to be uninstalled
  • Gray Squares = Upgrade path is not possible

SCP Upgrade ON OFF

Reinstalling The SCP

To reinstall the SCP, navigate to the SCP screen found within the Hardware menu.

  1. Edit the SCP to be reinstalled
  2. Select (check) Device Installed
  3. Click Save
    Access It! Universal will automatically upload any stored transactions and then reset the SCP and download new firmware. During this time, the readers will run in Offline mode which by default is Facility Code. After the firmware has been successfully updated, the SCP will reset and begin downloading the system information and cards data resulting in some cards not functioning for up to 5 minutes or so.

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