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Mercury MS Hardware


The MS hardware is traditional Mercury hardware reshaped to fit the specific confines of a Software House iSTAR enclosure used in C-Cure access systems.

MS Hardware

Part Number Description Software House Equivalent Notes
MS-ICS Controller GCM N/A
MS-ACM 8 Reader Interface Board ACM  
MS-I8 8 Input Board I8 Uses 2 consecutive SIO Addresses
MS-R8S 8 Output Board R8  
MR-50, MR-52, MR-16IN, & MR-16OUT  . Remote Modules  TB2 of the MS-ICS
Readers  . Software House Readers Replace with non-proprietary readers
EP-1501 or EP-1502  . iSTAR Edge  

More Information

Detailed diagrams of the MS series hardware can be found in the iSTAR Hardware Quick Reference knowledge base article.

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