Capturing And Submitting A Debug File


This document outlines the steps required to capture and submit a debug file to RS2 Technical Support. Debug files are essential when trouble shooting auspicious errors within the Access It! Universal software.

Capturing The Debug

The Debug feature within Access It! Universal may be turned on or off from any client workstation. This feature is only available to users who have permissions to Diagnostics.

  1. Within Access It! Universal, from the file menu navigate to Go | System | Diagnostics
  2. Click the Debug On button I When the Debug is on the Debug On button becomes highlighted
  3. Once the error or issue has occurred or has been duplicated, click the Debug Off button I When the Debug is off the Debug Off button becomes highlighted. I Once the Debug has been turned off, the debug file(s) are then written out to the server machine (the machine with the dongle installed)
  4. Close the Diagnostics Submitting the Debug

The debug is captured on the server machine (the machine with the dongle installed) as a text file which is ONLY written out in its entirety once the Debug feature has been turned off as outlined above.

Submitting The Debug

  1. From the server machine (the machine with the dongle installed), open the AppData folder (Start | Programs | Access It! Universal | Utilites | Open AppData Folder)
  2. Select all text files containing the word debug in the file name
  3. Compress all the above files into one zip file by right clicking on the selected files and sending them to Compressed (zipped) Folder
  4. Email the Zip file to or Upload the Zip file using the RS2 website

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  • 22-Apr-2014