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Live Mustering
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Access It! Universal.NET 5.2 introduces a new live Mustering screen that allows for monitoring which cardholders are in an access areas. The new Mustering screen is located in the Main menu.

Prior to using this screen, the system must already be configured for Anti-Passback.

Adding Access Areas

To add in areas, click the Select Areas button and move the desired areas to the right hand pane and click OK.

  • Refresh Interval: The amount of seconds that the screen refreshes
    Default: 10 seconds
    Range: 5-120 seconds
  • Omit cards not used in: Cards not used in the entered amount of hours will be omitted
    Default:32 hours
    Range: 0-100 hours
    0 hours will never omit a card.
  • Print Reports: Select to print the evacuation report for the areas selected in the Mustering window

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