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Cardholder Attachments
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Beginning in Access It! Universal.NET 5.2, the ability to attach one or more files to a cardholder has been added. This is beneficial if needing to store files such as certifications or separate images to the cardholder


  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET, navigate to the System menu
  2. Select Workstations
  3. Edit the Workstation used to enroll cards and store attachments
  4. Within the Attachments section, browse and navigate a path to store cardholder attachments
  5. Select a compression file for the attachment
    Default: 25
  6. Click Save
  7. Restart the workstation


  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET, navigate to the Main menu
  2. Select Cardholders
  3. Edit a cardholder requiring an attachment
  4. Select an Attachment tab
    View: Opens selected file
    Import: Select a file to store within the saved attachment location
    Defined within the workstation configuration.

    Link: Navigate to a file but retain the file path
    Delete: Deletes selected attachment
  5. Click Save

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