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Custom Access Level Per Card Values


In past versions, Access It! Universal allowed for configuring the system to use 6, 32, or 128 access levels per card. Beginning in Access It! Universal.NET 5.2 systems can now use any value between 1 and 128.


  1. Navigate to the System menu and select sites
  2. Edit the site to use the customized access level per card value
  3. Select the Card Options
  4. Enter the desired value within the Access levels per card field.
  5. Click Save
  6. Select Reset All Panels to immediately reset the SCPS or Reset No Panels - panels must be reset manually to schedule a reset later in time. 
    All panels must be reset for the access level per card change to take effect.

Schedule Panel Resets

Using Macros all SCPs in a site can be configured to reset on a schedule. When executed only 5 panels will downlaod at a time.

  1. Navigate to the Main menu and select Macros
  2. Select New to make a new Macro
  3. Assign a friendly name to the Macro
  4. Select the Steps tab
  5. Select Add Step
  6. Select the action type Reset all Panels
  7. Click OK
  8. Select the Schedule tab
  9. Select the schedule type Run Once
  10. Select when the Macro should execute and reset the panels
  11. Click Save

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