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Suprema OSDP Reader
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When used with Mercury-Security hardware and Access It! Universal.NET’s Biometric option, the Suprema OSDP reader requires a valid card transaction prior to presenting a finger. This card presentation can be either on a separate external reader or using the internal reader of the OSDP biometric reader.
The legacy Mercury-Security biometric gateway is not compatible with Suprema OSDP readers.

Existing biometric templates cannot be used and will require re-enrolling each user.

The overall procedure when presenting a card is as follows:

  • A Card is presented at an external reader or at the internal biometric reader.
  • The EP controller recognizes that the external reader requires biometric verification.
  • The EP controller initializes the Suprema OSDP reader and prompts for a finger to be presented.
  • The fingerprint read is sent to the EP controller.
  • The EP controller compares the fingerprint read to the stored template within its database.
  • If fingerprint comparison matches, the EP controller grants access to the external reader.

Access It! Universal.NET Licensing

The following licensing option must be enabled within the Access It! Universal.NET dongle and is a system wide license.

  • Biometric Support - Yes

Installation Requirements

The Suprema OSDP integration requires the following:

  • Access It! Universal.NET min s/w v5.2
  • Access It! Universal.NET optional Biometric license enabled
  • Suprema BioMini USB fingerprint enrollment device
  • BioStar v2
  • Any of the following Suprema Biometric readers:
    • The Suprema BioEntry W f/w v1.1_150409 
    • All Suprema version 2 products
  • Any LP Series Controller
  • EP Series Controllers min f/w 1.212
  • Supported SIOs:
    • EP-4502 Onboard SIO min f/w 1.212
    • EP-1502 Onboard SIO min f/w 1.212
    • EP-1501 Onboard SIO min f/w 1.212
    • LP-1502 Onboard SIO
    • LP-1501 Onboard SIO
    • LP-4502 Onboard SIO
    • MR-62E
    • MR-51E min f/w 1.4.9
    • Series 3 MR-50
    • Series 3 MR-52


Suprema OSDP Reader

OSDP Reader SIO Reader Port
485 TRXN (Blue/White) D1
485 TRXP (Yellow/Black) D0
485 GND (Black/White) GND

BioStar 2 Setup

  1. Login to BioStar 2
  2. Select Device
  3. Edit the Suprema reader
  4. Configure the Serial RS-485 setting to Slave
  5. Configure the Serial Baud Rate to 9600 
  6. Under Advanced, configure the Weigand Output to Bypass
  7. Click Apply
  8. Close BioStar 2

Access It! Universal.NET

SCP Configuration

  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET navigate to the Hardware menu
  2. Select SCPs
  3. Edit the EP controller the Biometric reader is installed under
  4. Select the Biometrics tab
  5. Select Edit Biometric Types
  6. Select New
  7. Within the Biometric type description, enter the name Suprema OSDP
  8. From the Biometric template type, select Suprema Fingerprint
  9. From the SCP database template type, select OSDP Type 1
    If the EP is currently using one or more OSDP templates, select the next available. 
  10. Enter a default score between 20 and 250
    This value determines the ratio of false rejects to false accepts. The higher the value the more secure the threshold is.
  11. If needed, check the Store security threshold per user checkbox
  12. Click OK
  13. Click Close
  14. Select Assign Biometric Type to SCP
  15. From the Biometric type list, select the newly created Suprema OSDP type
  16. Enter the maximum number of biometrics the EP will store for this format
    The EP card capacity will decrease as the maximum number of templates increases.
  17. Click OK
  18. Click Save

Reader Configuration

  1. Within the Hardware Tree, select Installed Readers
  2. Edit the reader that the Suprema OSDP reader is attached to
  3. Select the Reader Settings tab
  4. To the right of the reader type, select Edit
  5. Select New to make a new reader type
  6. Within the reader type name field,. enter the name Suprema OSDP
  7. Select the Options tab
  8. From the LED mode/protocol list, select Enable OSDP driver
  9. Set the Baud rate of 9600
  10. Set the address to 0
  11. Ensure the Secure channel box is unchecked
  12. Ensure the Enable diagnostic tracing checkbox is unchecked
  13. Click OK
  14. Click Save
  15. Set the Reader Type to the newly created Suprema OSDP
  16. Click Save
  17. Edit the reader that the external reader is attached to
  18. Select the Biometrics tab
  19. Select the Suprema OSDP reader from the Associated Biometric Reader list
  20. Select the SCP database template type OSDP Type 1
    If the EP is currently using one or more OSDP templates, select the value entered from step 9 of the SCP Configuration section.
  21. Check the box Require Biometric Verification
  22. Click Save

Configuring Enrollment Users

  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET navigate to the Configuration menu
  2. Select User Groups
  3. Edit a User Group responsible for enrolling fingerprint templates
  4. Select the Permissions tab
  5. Expand the Cardholder node
  6. Select Biometrics
  7. Ensure Full Access is selected within the right hand pane
  8. Click Save
  9. Select Users
  10. Create a new or edit an existing user responsible for biometric enrollment
  11. Assign the User to the modified User Group
  12. Click Save

Enrolling Biometric Template To New Cardholders

  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET navigate to Main | Cardholders
  2. Select New from the toolbar
  3. During the New Cardholder/Card wizard there will be a step titled Capture Biometric Information
  4. Select Suprema from the left hand menu
  5. Select Capture Template
  6. Present finger at the BioMini USB fingerprint enrollment reader
  7. Remove Finger
  8. Click Next to complete the new Cardholder/Card wizard

Enrolling Biometric Template To Existing Cardholders

  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET navigate to Main | Cardholders
  2. Edit an existing cardholder
  3. Select the Biometrics tab
  4. Select Suprema Fingerprint tab
  5. Select Capture Template
  6. resent finger at the BioMini USB fingerprint enrollment reader
  7. Remove Finger
  8. Click Save

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