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SimonsVoss SmartIntego Integration
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This document outlines how to program and integrate a SimonsVoss lockset to Access It!® Universal.NET. While the behavior is similar to a traditional Mercury-Security lockset, the following is not supported:

  • Grant Access Command
  • The First Card Unlock functionality
  • Antipassback functionality
  • The Enable/Disable 2-Card Mode Command
  • Reporting of Door Opened/Closed

Access It! Universal.NET Licensing

The following licensing option must be enabled within the Access It! Universal.NET dongle and is a per integrated reader count license.

  • Integrated Reader Count - 1/x

Required Components

The following components are required to complete the integration:

  • Access It!® Universal.NET min s/w v5.2
  • Digi Device Discovery utility (available from
  • EP-Series controller min f/w 1.200
  • SimonsVoss router min f/w
  • SimonsVoss wireless online lock min s/w 31.3
  • SimonsVoss SmartIntego software
  • SimonsVoss SmartIntego programming device

Configuring SimonsVoss router

  1. Open the Digi Device Discovery, a network scan will occur
  2. When the SimonsVoss router is discovered, it will be listed in the utility as a device named Digi Connect ME4 9210
  3. Select the device and click the Open web interface link within the left hand menu
    A web browser will open and navigate to the device login page
  4. Login using the default username SimonsVoss and default password SimonsVoss
  5. Select Network
  6. Configure device to use a static IP address.
  7. Click Apply
  8. Click Apply
  9. Close the web browser

Configuring SmartIntego software

  1. With the SmartIntego, open the SmartIntego Manager from the tools menu
    Upon initial launch of application a new project must be created and separate passwords need to be created for configuring and programming locks
  2. Right click within the manager
  3. Select Add: IP or USB Gateway
  4. Select IP address
  5. Enter IP address assigned to the gateway
  6. Click OK
  7. Once discovered, click Yes
  8. Note the device address
    When added, the gateway displays 2 hexadecimal values in parentheses prior to displaying the IP address. Convert the second hexadecimal value to decimal using windows calculator and note that value as the SIO address the device will be installed as within Access It! Universal.NET
  9. Right click within the manager
  10. Select Find Chip ID
  11. Enter the ID for the lock to be added
  12. Once found, select the lock and click OK
  13. Click Save
  14. Click Exit
  15. Select Card Config
  16. Configure the Return timeout to 30
  17. Select the first lock under the Lock node
  18. Select Program to marry the lock to the gateway
  19. Repeat for each additional lock
  20. Close the SmartIntego application

Configuring Access It! Universal.NET

  1. Install and configure the EP series controller within Access It! Universal.NET
  2. From the file menu, select Main | Hardware
  3. Select SCP’s
  4. Edit the EP series controller
  5. Set the Port 4 or 5 protocol to SimonsVoss
  6. Click Save
    The EP controller board will reset.
  7. From the left hand tree, expand SCP’s
  8. Expand the EP series controller the router is connected to
  9. Select SIOs
  10. From the right hand pane, edit any available SIO
  11. Enter a name for the SimonsVoss router in the SIO Name field
  12. Set Model to SimonsVossRouter
  13. Check Device Installed
  14. Enter the address noted in step 8 of the Configuring SmartIntego software
  15. Enter the IP address of the SimonsVoss router
  16. Select the Options tab
  17. Set Number of Readers accordingly
  18. Click Save

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