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EP-4502 BACnet Integration
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Access It! Universal.NET allows for BACnet communciation between a Mercury-Security EP-4502 and a standard BACnet client. The EP-4502 controller will act as a B-ASC type BACnet Server, exposing up to 64 user configurable resources to a BACnet network.

In order to use the BACNet integration, the communication between EP-4502 and server must be encrypted and using DHCP.


  • Access It! Universal min v5.2
  • EP-4502 configured and running within Access It! Universal.NET min f/w 1.241
  • BACnet client application


  1. Within the Access It! Universal, navigate to the Hardware menu
  2. Expand SCPs
  3. Expand the EP-4502 to host the BACnet Server
  4. Select SIOs
  5. Edit the next available uninstalled SIO
  6. Select (check) the option Device Installed
  7. Select the Model Virtual SIO
  8. Select the Options tab
  9. Set installed readers to 0
  10. Click Save
    A new SIO is created with 16 virtual outputs that can be controlled via the BACnet Server
  11. Repeat steps 5-8 as needed
  12. Ensure the EP-4502 is configured for DHCP and encrypted communications.
  13. Select SCPs
  14. Edit the EP-4502 to host the BACnet server
  15. Configure Port 4 or 5 protocol to use the Virtual SIO protocol
  16. Select the Web Logins tab
  17. Select New
  18. Set the Login type BACnet Server Login
  19. Within the Device instance field, enter a unique value used by the EP-4502
    Values can range between 0 and 4194302
  20. Within the Port field, enter the TCP port used by the EP-4502
    Default value is 47808
  21. If a BBMD is present, enter the appropriate IP address within the Foreign device BBMD IP address field.
    Set to when no BBMD is present.
  22. If a BBMD is present, enter the appropriate value in seconds within the Foreign device BBMD TTL (seconds) field
    Set to 100 when no BBMD is present.
  23. To add points to be controlled by the EP-4502 through BACnet, select the appropriate permission and then move the point from the available resources to the assigned resources pane
  24. Click OK
  25. Click Save
    The EP-4502 will reset

Additional Notes

All BACNet testing was performed using the BACnetQuickText (BQT) product developed by PolarSoft.

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