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Product Support Life Cycle

Product / Version *End of Life Cycle
Access It! Universal.NET v7  
Access It! Universal.NET v6   
Access It! Universal.NET v5  06/11/2019
Access It! Universal v4 01/08/2018
Access It! Universal v3 07/20/2015
Access It! Universal v2 10/14/2013
Access It! Universal v1 04/27/2012
Access It! Enterprise v4 06/30/2010
Access It! Enterprise v3 05/01/2009
Access It! Enterprise v1 05/31/2006
Access It! Ultra v4 06/30/2010
Access It! Ultra v3 05/01/2009
Access It! Ultra v2 07/13/2007
Access It! Ultra v1 05/01/2005
Access It! Lite.NET v2  
Access It! Lite.NET v1 06/06/2014
Access It! Lite v3  
Access It! Lite v2 05/11/2004
Access It! Lite v1 01/07/2004
Access It! v3 01/01/2006
Badge It! Professional v2 12/31/2010

* This product is no longer supported as of the posted date.

Contact your Authorized RS2 Dealer for more information on how to obtain an upgrade to a currently supported version.

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