Error 91 - Object Variable Or With Block Variable Not Set - Post Login


Upon launching and logging into the software, error 91 is raised.

Cause A
The current AIUEvent database is not available. This is typical when performing a restore of a backup and not restoring the correct Events database.

Resolution A
Restore the missing AIUEvent database(s) or perform a manual archive. When neither is an option, the stored procedure dbo._Insert_Events within the AIUniversal database can be modified accordingly. Once corrected, the services must be restarted.

Cause B
Error can also be caused by improper server name entries within the Sites table in the AIUniversal database. This can occur if the services are started on the server machine remotely (not a console level connection).

Resolution B
Using SQL Server Management tools, browse to the AIUniversal database, and open the Sites table. The columns ‘CommServerName’ and ‘RegionalServerName’ should have the name of the Access It! Universal server for each site entry (machine with the dongle attached).

Cause C
This error can also be a result of connecting to the server by using the IP address or the fully qualified name of the server rather than the server’s actual computer name.

Resolution C
The client machines must use the server’s computer name only and was hardcoded in version 1.0.26 as a fix to invalid server names. To manually adjust the Server name, alter the Settings.ini file located in the OpenAppDataFolder (Start | Programs | Access It! Universal | Utilities).

Cause D

When using Regional Server's, it is possible for error 91 to be raised after logging in when one or more of the Regional Servers has the DCOM security settings incorrectly configured.

Resolution D
Configure the DCOM settings for the Regional Server, see the article for Error 70 - Permission Denied for more information.

Cause E

When viewing the Windows NT Event log there will be an error of:
Runtime Error: Integrated reader count exceeded, terminating.
Error Number: -2147219499
Module: IdwEasyService_OnTimer
This indicates that there are more Integrated Readers than the system is licensed.
Integrated Readers consist of SALTO, ASSA ABLOY, Allegion AD Series, Allegion NDE Series, SimonsVoss, Honeywell, Vanderbilt, Telaeris, KONE, and OTIS Elevator readers. A license must be purchased for each Integrated reader that will be attached to the system.

Resolution E
Verify the licensing is correct. A dongle update that gives more Integrated Reader Count may be required to get into the system to verify how many are in use or if there were additional Integrated Readers added that were not supposed to be.

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