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ASSA ABLOY Advanced Parity calculations
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Access It! Universal 5.1 introduced the ability to custom define a card format and its parity calculations. Previous versions of Access It! Universal.NET allowed for defining parity bits, but was limited to continuous bit calculations and not supporting parity calculations such as the ones required for the new HID Corporate 1000-48 format.


  1. Within Access It! Universal edit a card and select the IP Locksets tab
  2. Select the Edit button next to the Credential Format drop list
  3. Select New to create a new format
  4. Enter a friendly name for the credential format
  5. Select Proximity fro the Credential Format Type
  6. Enter a Facility code for the card format
  7. Within the Proximity Card Type drop list, select Raw Bit Pattern
  8. Enter the card information for total bits, cardholderid, facility code, and issue level
  9. Select the Advanced Parity
  10. Select New
  11. Enter the parity bits location
  12. Select if the parity bit is a Even or Odd bit
  13. Click on each bit required for the parity bits calculations
  14. Click OK
  15. Repeat steps 10-14 for any additional parity bits.

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