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HID I'm Alive Reader Supervision
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The HID I’m Alive feature on HID readers allow the readers to report a supervision message as well as a tamper message. When a reader cover and core are removed (from the reader mounting plate or spacer), and if the tamper has been enabled then a tamper message is generated. Additionally if the reader loses power or is disconnected from the reader portion the access control hardware, a message is generated to indicate that the reader is offline. Upon alarm notification, facility managers may take appropriate action, sending guards to readers or reviewing video to determine if facility or system breeches have occurred.

The HID I'm Alive supervision is not supported on any OSDP readers


Reader Setup

To enable the feature on the HID readers you need a configuration card. Access It! Universal.NET supports either the interval set to 60 seconds or 10 seconds. Only a config. card that is it to the same value or less is required. For example if you want to use a 10 second interval you could use a config. card to set the reader to 10 seconds or one that sets it to every second. To enable the I’m Alive signal, the config. card’s data signal must be set to 0xAA. The tamper signal support can also be enabled via a config. card. If the exact reader model number is supplied to a RS2 customer service representative, they can assist with providing information on ordering the required configuration card.

Access It! Universal.NET Setup

  1. Within the Hardware menu, select Installed Readers
  2. Edit the reader using the HID I'm Alive feature
  3. Select the Reader Settings tab
  4. Select the Edit button next to Reader Type
  5. Select New
  6. Assign a friendly name to the reader type
  7. Under the Data Format tab, select (check) Data 1/ Data 0 -Weigand
  8. Under the Keypad tab, select the HID I'm alive mode that corresponds to how the reader is configured
  9. Click OK
  10. Click Save
  11. Assign the newly created reader type to the reader
  12. Click Save

Upon a reader tamper event, or reader loosing power, an alarm will be generated within the Access It! Universal.NET application.

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