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Suprema BioConnect Integration
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Before you begin ensure you have the following:

  • Access It! Universal.NET
  • BioConnect License File (BCDATA.clf file provided by Entertech Systems upon purchase) - If you are installing a trial for the first time, this is not necessary
  • Administrative access to the server and databases you will be installing the software on
  • A supported Biometric Device listed on the BioConnect Hardware page

Access It! Universal.NET Licensing
The following licensing option must be enabled within the Access It! Universal dongle and is a system wide license.

  • Biometric Support - Yes


The Suprema readers should be wired to a Mercury-Security reader port using the standard Wiegand wiring. It is recommended the reader be powered over PoE or else a dedicated power supply (minimum 1A) must be used.

Suprema Reader      SIO Reader Port

Installing BioConnect (Server)

  1. Launch BioConnect Installer
  2. Accept the terms and conditions and click Install.
  3. Click Server Install
  4. Click Next  
  5. Click Launch BioConnect
  6. Click Next in BioConnect Setup Assistant to begin configuring software
  7. Click Next
  8. Select appropriate License Setup method
    If creating trial license, click Create Trial License on the next pane, and click Next.
  9. Enter the windows account credentials that you want to use to run the BioConnect Services
    This account must be an administrator on the server in which it is being installed.
    To confirm your current windows account:
    1. Open Command Prompt

    2. Type whoami
    The domain is either the prefix that everyone in your organization uses to login to windows (Entertech\calexander) or it is the local PC name if the account is a local windows account.
  10. When asked the location of the BioConnect services, leave localhost as the Server Address
    The port of 8000 is used for the client to communicate back to the server and is not to be confused with the device port which uses 8001.
    Leave the port set to 8000.
  11. Select Setup type.
    • Express Install: This will install a BioConnect SQL Server 2008 R2 instance and create the BioConnect database automatically. (Recommended)
      1. Click Express Setup
    • Custom Install: This will allow you to choose where the BioConnect database is.
      1. Enter the SQL Server name
      2. Leave Database as BioConnect
      3. In the Authentication field select a SQL server account that has permissions to manage the BioConnect database.
      4. Click Test to confirm the connection
      5. When prompted to create BioConnect database, click OK
      6. Click Test to confirm the connection
      7. If the test fails, verify the SQL server account is entered correctly
      8. Click Update to save the configuration
      9. Click Next
      10. Click Next to use default settings for System Configuration.
      11. From droplist, select RS2 AccessIt, and click Next.
      12. Enter the SQL Server name where the AIUniversal database resides
      13. Leave Database as AIUniversal
      14. In the Authentication field select a SQL server account that has permissions to manage the BioConnect database.
      15. Click Test to confirm the connection
      16. If the test fails, verify the SQL server account is entered correctly
      17. Click Update to save the configuration
      18. Click OK
      19. Click Next
      20. Click Next to use default settings for Server Port Configuration.
      21. Click Configure RabbitMQ to use default settings for Advanced Configuration.
      22. Click Next
  1. Click Start to automatically start the services and complete the first synchronize of all data from your access control software.
    If this is an upgrade or reinstall and the database already has cardholder records, still continue with the synchronize - You will not lose any templates or data.
  2. Click Next
  3. Click Finish to complete Setup
    The BioConnect client will automatically open.
    The default “root” level account for the client is (case sensitive):

    Username: Entertech
    Password: Bobcat

Installing BioConnect (Client)

  1. Accept the terms and conditions and choose the Client installation type.
  2. Enter the IP Address of the Server. This will be used for the clients to connect into the BioConnect services. The port used for the BioConnect client is TCP:8000. This port will have to be open on the Server’s firewall for communication to occur.
  3. Once the setup completes, click Finish. The Setup Assistant will only open if the client is installed on the server (localhost).
  4. If you are using a BioMini USB Fingerprint enrollment capturing device, please install the Suprema Fingerprint Scanner Driver included with the BioConnect software package before connecting the device to the PC.

Configuring BioConnect for Access It! Universal.NET

  1. Click Menu
  2. Click Configuration
  3. Enter Username and Password
  4. Click Save
  5. Click OK
  6. Close the Configuration window
  7. Click User Management
  8. Search for the User who will be managing the enrolling process
  9. Expand the user
  10. Select the Administration tab
  11. Enter the user in the User Name field
  12. Enter the password in the Password field
  13. Enter the same password in the Confirm field
  14. Check the BioConnect Software Administrator checkbox
  15. Check the Device Administrator checkbox
  16. Check the Default checkbox in the Locations Accessible field
  17. Click Save User
  18. Click OK
  19. Click the Device Management Icon **This will be the icon that looks like a biometric device**
  20. Expand the Reader
  21. Select the Wiegand Details tab
  22. Enter the Facility Code
  23. Select the Card Format
    Supported formats:
    • 35 Bit Corporate 1000
    • 26 Bit Standard
    • 37 Bit H10304
  24. Click Save
  25. Close the BioConnect utility

Configuring Access It! Universal for Suprema BioConnect

  1. Navigate to Workstations (System | Workstations)
  2. Edit the Suprema BioConnect enrollment workstation
  3. Select the Encode/Enroll tab (To see the Encode/Enroll tab it may be required to scroll to the right using the right of the tabs)
  4. Click New
  5. Provide a friendly name for the Device name
    This name will be used in the Commands section for Cards to enroll the Suprema BioConnect template.
  6. Select Suprema in the Device type dropdown
  7. Select the ... button in the Suprema BioConnect Client.exe section
  8. Browse to the Suprema BioConnect directory
    The Suprema BioConnect directory is most commonly located in the C:\Program Files (x86)\Entertech Systems\BioConnect\BioConnect Enrollment Utility\ directory.
  9. Select the BioConnect.Client.UI.exe
  10. Click Open
  11. Click OK
  12. Click Save on the Edit Workstation window
  13. Close Access It! Universal.NET
  14. Launch Access It! Universal.NET

Installation Troubleshooting


“Verify you have sufficient privileges to install system services” error is raised


The error above can appear during the installation phase. If this popup appears, it is a result of one of the following:

    • The Windows Account (Domain and Username) from section 4.2 was not entered correctly
    • The Windows Account entered is not an Administrator
    • If this error appears, click “Abort” and restart the installation. Ensure that the Windows Account details are entered correctly and have Administrator privileges to the machine.


Installation stalled at “Publishing product information”


The software is performing a number of steps in the background during this stage of the installation process. Depending on the machine it is installing on, it is not uncommon for the software to stay on this stage for several minutes. Please be patient and the software installation will be complete.


Services failed to start


If you receive an error at any time that the BioConnect services are not running, the best troubleshooting step is to open the BioConnect log file and scroll all the way to the bottom:
BioConnect Log File Location (Open in Notepad): C:\Windows\Temp\BioConnect.txt
On the next page you will find a few possible errors and how to resolve them.
Log Event: “Cannot find the X.509 Certificate using the following search criteria...”
If an older version of BioConnect was previously installed (BioConnect v2.0 or v2.5), you may have to delete the BioConnect certificate file. Previously this certificate was generated manually, and now the software automatically handles this as part of the installation. Follow the steps below to resolve:

    1. Uninstall BioConnect
    2. Click Start and type cmd into the Windows Search
    3. Type certmgr.msc into the cmd prompt window and hit enter
    4. Double click the “Trusted People” folder
    5. Right click and delete any certificates labeled “BioConnect” or “BCClient”
    6. Reinstall BioConnect - The new certificate will be automatically generated

Log Event: “License System: This system is now expired”
BioConnect installs in a free 30 day trial mode on a new PC. Once this trial is expired, the services will not start, so you will want to ensure that you have acquired a license before the end of this period. If the software has already expired, you will need to contact Entertech Systems at “[email protected]” to acquire a new license.

Quick Enrollment
Fingerprint Enrollments
The Quick Enrollment section of the software is where all biometrics are captured.

To enroll a fingerprint:

  1. Search for the user you would like to enroll.
  2. Choose which reader you would like to enroll from (For BioMini USB scanner enrollments, you will see the device listed within this list when it is connected to your PC).
  3. Choose which finger you would like to enroll.
  4. Click Enroll

The enrollment process will ask you to place your finger 3 times. Ensure that you lift your finger up off of the scanner between each scan. Doing this allows for more unique data points to be captured and creates a higher quality enrollment.
It is critical for the success of the system that good enrollments are captured. Here is an example of a good enrollment:
In the above example, you can see that the middle of the finger is placed in the middle of the scanner. You can clearly see the ridges of the fingerprint and the quality score is at 100% (Quality scores are only available when enrolling from the BioMini USB scanner).
WARNING: Placing your fingers too low on the scanner, or not placing the finger flat create poor enrollments. These will lead to low success rates and could also increase the possibility of a False Accept (Having a fingerprint show up as another cardholder). Although this is extremely unlikely, having a high volume of poor fingerprints (Fingertips) in the software can lead to issues as fingertips do not have as much unique data as the middle of the finger. Always ensure that you are capturing the best fingerprints possible during the enrollment phase. These enrollments are going to be the basis for all fingerprint matching going forward.

Stopping the BioConnect services

  1. Open Task Manager and click the Processes tab
  2. Choose the “Entertech.BiometricService.exe” process and click “End Task”

Starting the BioConnect services

  1. Open C:\Program Files(x86)\Entertech Systems\BioConnect\BioConnect Service\
  2. Right click on the “startservices.bat” file and click Run as Administrator
  3. All 5 services will be automatically triggered to start

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