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Multiple Site View
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Access It! Universal.NET allows for Enterprise customers to be able to view and work within multiple sites at once. In previous versions of Access It! Universal, a user was limited to only working in a single site at a time. In order to view multiple sites, the option "Allow selection of only one site" must be disabled from the File | Options menu.

>Access It! Universal.NET Licensing

The following licensing option must be enabled within the Access It! Universal.NET dongle and is a system wide license.

  • Max Sites - >1


  • Site Selector: When the allow selection of one site is enabled, the site selector will be a drop list containing all the sites a user has access to. When that site is selected, its data will be displayed within the site-specific screens. When the allow selection of one site is disabled, the site selector will be a multiple selectable drop list containing all the sites a user has access to. Whichever sites are selected, their combined data will be displayed in site-specific screens.

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