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Advanced Window Controls
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Access It! Universal.NET allows for advanced customization for the layout of each screen. To make use of the advanced window control, the setting must be first enabled from the File | Options menu.  


  • Tabbed documentBy default when the advanced window mode is enabled, all screens will open as separate tabs. These tabs can be re-order by dragging and dropping. Tabs can be placed into separate groups through the grouping options in the right click menu. When using multiple groups, tabs can be moved across groups by dragging and dropping in the central anchor point, or by selecting the move to next group option in the right click menu. When all tabs in a group are closed, or moved then the tab group itself will close. The right click menu also offers the ability to close all open tabs.
  • Windowed document: Tabbed documents can be placed into separate windows by selecting floating from the right click menu, or by dragging and dropping the tabs and "tearing" them away from the software. When in a separate window, it is possible to dock other tabs into this separate window. To re-dock a separate window, select tabbed document from the right click menu, or drag and drop to the center anchor point.
  • Docking: When a tab or separate window is dragged or dropped into the main application, anchor points are displayed representing the available locations. If dragged and dropped and then held over an anchor point, a blue screen will display showing a preview of how the screen will look if docked in that position.

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