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Access It! Universal.NET Badge Designer
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Access It! Universal.NET introduces a newly designed badge designer fully compatible with existing badge templates.

The badge feature is available as an add-on option and may be purchased through an Authorized RS2 Dealer.

Access It! Universal.NET Licensing

The following licensing option must be enabled within the Access It! Universal.NET dongle and is a system wide option.

  • ID Badging - Yes

Creating a New Badge Type

  1. Navigate to Configuration
  2. Select Badge Types
  3. Click New

Badge Designer

The Badge Designer form can be broken into four separate areas as outlined below. 

Access It!® Badge Designer

  1. Explorer Pane
  2. Tools Pane
  3. Designer Pane
  4. Properties Pane

Explorer Pane

The explorer pane contains all the objects currently within the badge type. When selected the respective properties are displayed in the properties pane. The Layers tab can be utilized to create additional layers within the badge type. This is useful when adding in a background image that should be separate from the rest of the designer objects.

Tools Pane

The tools pane contains a collection of menus, each with its own list of designer related objects. To add a tool to the badge designer, simply drag and drop the object from the tools pane to the designer pane. Once added, the object will also be displayed in the explorer pane.

  • Badge Data
    Contains a list of all card or cardholder fields within Access It! Universal.NET.
  • Tools
    Contains a list composing of barcode, lines, magstripe encoding, custom shapes, or static text.
    Barcodes are an additional option that can be purchased and enabled within the licensing dongle.
  • Common Expressions
    Contains a list of commonly used concatenated fields. This list currently contains 8 different combinations of a cardholders first and last name. The names will be displayed as outlined in the common expression list.
  • Embedded Images
    Contains an option to upload custom images to the designer. Supported file formats are bmp, jpg, jpeg, jpe, gif, and png. Once uploaded the image will be listed in the Embedded Images pane.

Designer Pane

The designer pane represents how the objects will be printed on the card itself. Objects can be moved by drag and dropped, or aligned via the alignment options available from the toolbar. The designer also supports a zoom feature allowing for zoom up to 400%. This is particularly useful when needing to adjust an object by a very small amount. The script tab allows for custom scripting to be applied to the designer and should only be used by advanced users.

Properties Pane

The properties pane allows for control of the properties for the item selected in the designer pane. To adjust overall badge properties, such as page size, the badge header object must be selected within the explorer pane. While most properties are self-explanatory, detailed descriptions can be found within the Access It! Universal.NET help file.

Badge Printer Settings

The badge printer settings can be modified by selecting the Badge hive from the Badge tab within the Explorer pane. Once selected the Properties pane will populate with a section entitled Badge. The printer can be selected from the Printer drop list as well as the Card size, Orientation, Dual Sided, and Prompt for alternate printer when printing options.

Printing the Badge Type

Once a Badge Type has been assigned to a card, an option to preview or print the badge type is available from the ribbon menu in the Cards or Cardholder screen. When printed, a print dialog is opened allowing for choosing the printer and it's various print-related properties.


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