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Custom Reader LED Function
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The reader LED behavior can be adjusted in .1 second increments to accommodate virtually any desired display sequence.

It is recommended to create a new reader type so that only the readers which require the custom LED function can be individually configured.

If the desired outcome is to effect all the readers for the system, simply make the changes for the existing in-use reader types rather than creating new reader types.

Implementing Custom Reader LED Functionality

The steps below outline the process of creating Custom Reader LED Functions.

  1. Edit the SCP the reader is attached to (Go | Hardware | SPCs)
  2. Select the Reader Display tab
  3. Select the Event you would like to change from the Reader Mode column
  4. Select a color for the On Color
  5. Select a color for the Off Color
  6. Adjust the On Time (seconds) to the duration the LED should be the On Color
  7. Adjust the Off Time (seconds) to the duration the LED should be the Off Color
  8. Change the Repeat Count to the number of times the On Time, Off Time, and Beep should occur
  9. Adjust the Beep Count to the desired number of beeps.
  10. Click Save
  11. Navigate to the Reader that is to have the previously configured Custom LED function
  12. Select the Reader Settings tab
  13. Click Edit... for the Reader Type
  14. Click New
    By clicking New, the settings are pre-configured for Proximity only readers. All other reader types such as Proximity w/Keypad, Magstripe, etc. should be duplicated based on their respective Reader Type settings.
  15. Type a friendly name into the Reader Type Name field
  16. Select the Options tab
  17. In the Reader LED Function section select Use Custom LED Function (Defined in SCP Screen)
  18. Click OK
  19. Click Save
  20. Select the newly created Reader Type from the Reader Type drop down
  21. Click Save

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