Salto Sallis - Error doesn't belong to the system


When trying to initialize the Salto Sallis lockset with Portable Programming Device(PPD) Error doesn't belong to the system is raised.

Cause A

The current configuration settings in the lockset do not match the configuration settings being sent to the lock.

Resolution A

Hold the CLR button on the lockset and repeat the steps of initializing the lockset with the CLR button still held down.

Cause B

The lockset is not a Sallis version lockset.  Sallis locksets have have an "S" at the end of the part number.  If the part number does not end in an "S" it is unable to use the Sallis configuration file and the lockset will not work with the Universal software.

Resolution B

The lockset or the internal board will need to be replaced with a Sallis model lockset or board. 

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  • 14-Mar-2018