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Access It! NExT Step To Access It! Universal Upgrade
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This document outlines the steps needed to upgrade an existing Access It! NExT Step system to an Access It! Universal system. The upgrade process requires that a backup of the Access It! NExT Step databases be performed prior to the migration.
After the migration is performed the SCP panel will be transferred as Uninstalled. This is done so that the dealer may install the SCP, allowing for a controlled system reset.


All pre-installations steps are to be performed on the Access It! Universal server machine (computer with dongle attached).

  1. Navigate to the Access It! NExT Step system via a web browser
  2. Log into the Access It! NExT Step system
  3. Select Utilities from the left hand menu
  4. Select Backup/Restore
  5. Select Backup from the upper left corner of the Backup/Restore screen
  6. Select Backup Now
    This will download a backup of the System and Current Events databases to the local machine being used as a ZIP file.
  7. Select Archives
  8. Select the Event Archive hyperlink to be backed up, where applicable
    This will download a backup of the Event Archive to the local machine being used as a SDF file.
  9. Click Logout hyperlink in the upper right hand side of the page
  10. Navigate to
  11. Log into the Dealer Area
  12. Click View downloads
  13. Expand ACCESS IT!® LITE.NET™
  14. Expand DOWNLOAD
  15. Click the Access It!® Lite.NET™ vx.x.x.x - [x.xMB] hyperlink
  16. When the download completes, run the AILiteNETxxxx.EXE
  17. Close web browser
  18. Install Access It! Lite.NET as a Full Installation
  19. Extract the file downloaded from the Access It! NExT Step system to an easily accessible location such as the Desktop
    All additional Event Archives must be copied to the same location.
  20. Open the Backup Utility (Start | Programs | Access It! Lite.NET | Utilities)
  21. Click Restore Databases
  22. Select source folder for Restore Files
  23. Click OK
  24. When prompted “Do you want to restart the Access It! Lite.NET service?”, click No
  25. When the status windows reports “Restore complete.”, close the Backup Utility
  26. If the Badging Option is being used within Access It! NExT Step, make note of the Badge Type layout for each Badge Type
    All Badge Types will need to be recreated within Access It! Universal.

Installation / Migration

  1. Install Access It! Universal as a Full Installation on the Access It! Universal server machine (computer with dongle attached)
  2. At the Connect to SQL Server form accept the default values
  3. Click the Yes button when asked Database (AIUniversal) does not exist, do you want to create it? from within the Database Configuration Utility dialogue box
  4. Within the Migrate from Access It! Lite.NET to Access It! Universal window, ensure the Migrate Data (except Events) checkbox is checked
  5. If past event history is needed, check the Migrate Events checkbox
    Depending on the number of Currents Events, Archived Events and computer performance, the Import Events option may take anywhere from a couple of minutes to several days to complete.
  6. Click Next
  7. Select the appropriate Destination Site
    On a new installation, the Main site will be the only option available by default.
  8. Click Next
  9. Map the Facility Codes accordingly
    By default, the Use first defined facility code option is selected.
    If more than one facility code is available, select the Map card number ranges to facility codes: option. This option is available so that the actual facility code for the given range of cards can be inserted into the new system.
    Access It! NExT Step makes use of card number only uniqueness.
  10. Click Next
  11. Click Finish
  12. Click Close
  13. Click the Finish button within the Access It! Universal InstallShield form

Post Installation

  1. Uninstall Access It! Lite.NET via Windows Control Panel
  2. Click Start|Programs|Access It! Universal|Utilities|Service Manager
  3. Click the Start Server Process button
  4. Launch the Access It! Universal workstation
  5. Within the Select Server window, enter the Server Name
    This is the name of the computer with the dongle attached to it.
  6. Within the hardware tree, modify the channel and verify that it is set to SCP protocol
  7. Within the hardware tree, modify the SCP and check Device Installed
  8. Click Save
    Access It! Universal will automatically upload any stored transactions and then reset the SCP and download new firmware if required. During this time, the readers will run in Offline mode. After the firmware has been successfully updated, the SCP will reset and begin downloading the system information and cards data resulting in some cards not functioning for period of up to 5 minutes.
  9. Perform a status request of the SIOs to verify each is online
  10. Create and adjust User Group permissions as needed
  11. Create Badge Types as needed
  12. Install Access It! Universal workstations as needed using the Client Only Installation

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