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Output Tracking Mode
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Output Tracking Mode is an extension of elevator control that allows a keypad to be used to select the floor/output to activate. Besides elevator control, this feature could be useful in other applications, for example controlling access to storage lockers.


  • Access It! Universal 4.x
  • EP Series controller min f/w 1.160
  • Proximity and PIN reader


Within Access It! Universal, navigate to the Hardware tree and select Installed Readers

  1. Select the reader to be used for Output Tracking and select Edit
  2. Within the Access Configuration list, select Elevator
  3. Enter the number of floors(outputs) controller by the reader
  4. Set Floor Code Override to <None>
  5. Select and enable the option Output Tracking Mode
  6. Select the SIO panel that contains the floors(outputs)
  7. Select the Starting Output # to determine which relay will be the first floor
  8. Select the Reader Settings tab
  9. Configure the Reader Type to Proximity with Keypad
  10. Configure the Default Reader Mode to Card AND PIN
    Card AND PIN must be used with Output Tracking Mode
  11. Select Save

Once a reader has been configured, Floor Codes and Access Levels need to be configured and then assigned to a card. More information on these configurations can be found here: Configuring Basic Elevator Control


When using this feature, the Cardholder would then present their badge at the reader and then instead of entering a PIN code they would enter the floor/output that they wish to have activated followed by the pound key(#). Assuming they have access to the particular floor/output, the output would then activate and a transaction would be generated which would indicate which floor/output was used.

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