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Migrating Access It! Lite To A New Server


This document outlines the steps needed to migrate an existing Access It!® Lite version 3.4.3 system to a new server machine.


Original Server

  1. Open the Backup Utility (Start | Programs | Access It! Lite | Utilities)
  2. Click Backup Databases
  3. Select destination folder for Backup Files
  4. Click OK
  5. When prompted “Existing files in destination folder will be deleted, is this OK?”, click Yes
  6. When prompted “Do you want to restart the Access It! Lite service?”, click No
  7. When the status windows reports “Backup Complete.”, close the Backup Utility
  8. Transfer the newly created backup files to the new server machine
  9. Remove the dongle from the old server if applicable and DO NOT place it on the new server

New Server

  1. Install Access It! Lite version 3.4.3
  2. Insert the dongle that was removed from the original server if applicable
  3. If new server is a virtual machine, follow Soft Dongle Installation document
  4. Open the Backup Utility (Start | Programs | Access It! Lite | Utilities)
  5. Click Restore Databases
  6. Select source folder for Restore Files
  7. Click OK
  8. When the status windows reports “Restore complete.”, close the Backup Utility
  9. Launch Access It! Lite

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  • 14-Mar-2018