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ASSA ABLOY Registration Codes
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When upgrading or installing the ASSA ABLOY integration, registration codes are required to license the ASSA ABLOY IP Locksets. The three features required by Access It! Universal are the Servers, Clients, and Locksets. The table below is a sample of registration codes received from ASSA ABLOY.

Registration Codes

The registration codes are unique to the server machine from which the uniqueness code is obtained from. Using registration codes from a different uniqueness code will raise an error message stating: Error: The Registration Code is intended for a different Uniqueness value than the one used for this installation.

Requesting ASSA ABLOY Registration Codes

By default, the ASSA ABLOY license will allow a limited number of locks to work for only up to (14) days. The ASA ABLOY License needs to be updated to allow for additional locks, and allow for a permanent license. If the license expires the Access It! Universal.NET application will not allow for any additional cards to be created. This process can take several days to complete. It is recommended this be completed on the day of install to avoid any unnecessary downtime. If you are upgrading to a newer driver you need to re-license the ASSA ABLOY software.

  1. Browse to C:\Program Files (x86)\AHG420 Driver\bin
  2. Open LicenseEditor.exe
  3. Make note of the Uniqueness code in the lower left corner
  4. Send the following information in an E-mail to [email protected]
    a. Access It! Universal.NET dongle number
    b. The ASSA ABLOY uniqueness code
    c. The number of IP Locksets being used
    d. If the installation is a Try-Me or permanent installation
    e. The name of the End-User
    f. The serial number of the locksets
       If the locksets were not purchased through RS2 Technologies.
    g. A valid E-mail address to send the Registration Codes to
  5. Close the LicenseEditor.exe

Applying Registration Codes

  1. Navigate to .\Program Files (x86)\AHG420 Driver\bin\
  2. Open LicenseEditor.exe
  3. Copy the Servers Registration Code to clipboard
  4. Select Servers from the Installed Licenses Name column
  5. Click Edit License
  6. Click Paste
  7. Click OK
  8. Click OK
  9. Copy the Clients Registration Code to clipboard
  10. Select Servers from the Installed Licenses Name column
  11. Click Edit License
  12. Click Paste
  13. Click OK
  14. Click OK
  15. Copy the Locksets Registration Code to clipboard
  16. Select Locksets from the Installed Licenses Name column
  17. Click Edit License
  18. Click Paste
  19. Click OK
  20. Click OK
  21. Click Close

Example Of Applying A Registration Code

1. Be sure to copy the entire registration code.

Servers Registration Code

2. Select Servers from the Installed Licenses Name column. 

Servers Selected

3. Click Edit License

Click Edit License

4. Click Paste

Click Paste

Click OK

Update Registration OK

5. Click OK

Confirm License Details


This procedure is recommended for the error message below:

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