Configuring The NExT Step To Use MR-51e Panels


In order to add an MR-51e to the NExT Step a network connection needs to be added to the on board NIC card on the EP-1502 in addition to the connection to the NExT Step computer.

Configuring The EP-1502

  1. Set S1 - Configuration DIP Switch 2 ON
  2. Set S1 - Configuration DIP Switch 1, 3, 4 OFF
  3. Apply Power to EP-1502
  4. Manually configure a computer to
  5. Remove stopper from on board Ethernet port from EP-1502
  6. Using a crossover cable connect the panel to a computer
  7. Browse to the in a web browser
  8. Set S1 - Configuration DIP Switch 1 ON
  9. Click on Click Here to Login
  10. Click on Continue to this website (not recommended)
  11. Enter a Username of admin
  12. Enter a Password of password
  13. Click Network from the left hand menu
  14. Select Use Static IP configuration
  15. IP Address <Set accordingly>
  16. Subnet Mask <Set accordingly>
  17. Default Gateway <Set accordingly>
  18. Click OK
  19. Click on Host Comm from the left hand menu
  20. Change Alternate Host Port from Disabled to IP Server
  21. Confirm Port Number is set to 3001
  22. Click Accept
  23. Click Apply Settings from the left hand menu
  24. Click Apply Settings, Reboot button
  25. Wait 60 seconds for the EP-1502 to reboot
  26. Remove power from the EP-1502
  27. Set all S1 - Configuration DIP Switchs OFF
  28. Remove crossover cable
  29. Connect panel to network
  30. Apply power to the EP-1502

Configuring The MR-51e

The MR-51e Address Tool can be found within every installation of Access It! Universal v3 and above by navigating to:

.\Program Files (x86)\RS2 Technologies\Access It! Universal\MR51eAddressTool.exe

The MR-51e Address Tool can also be found in the Downloads section of the Dealer Area on the RS2 website.

Hardware | MR-51E| MR-51e Address Tool

End Users must contact their Authorized RS2 Dealer to obtain the MR-51e Address Tool.

Configuring The NExT Step System

  1. Login to the NExT Step unit via the network browser
  2. Click Hardware from the left hand menu
  3. Click Subpanels from the left hand menu
  4. Click New Subpanel from top menu
  5. Change Subpanel Name field to desired name
  6. Select Model MR-51e
  7. Select the IP Address Mode that was previously configured
  8. Enter IP Address that was previously configured
  9. Enter MR-51e MAC Address
  10. Click Save And Close from the top menu

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  • 14-Mar-2018