Updating SIO Firmware


A SIO panel typically does not require its firmware be updated, and should only be performed if advised by an RS2 Support Engineer. During the download process, devices (inputs/outputs/readers) will not function. The Panel Utility referenced below is available within Access It! Universal 4.1 and greater.

If using an older version of software, read the More Information section for file download information.

  • Panel Utility min s/w v1.0.0.5

Panel Utility

The Panel Utility can be located off of the start menu of Access It! Universal (Start | Programs | Access It! Universal | Client Utilities). Prior to communicating to the SCP controller, ensure the channel is disabled within Access It! Universal.

Verify all Google Chrome extensions (chrome.exe *32) are terminated via Windows Task Manager prior to downloading firmware. Failure to do so may result in longer than expected download times!

  1. Within the Panel Utility, click Attach
  2. Enter the SCP panel information for the SCP the SIO is connected to
  3. Click OK
    If communicating the lower right hand corner will display the word online in green.
  4. Click Add SIO
  5. Select the model and address for the SIO requiring a firmware update
  6. Select Dnld SIO F/W for the SIO requiring a firmware update
  7. Browse for the .aax firmware file
  8. Click Open
  9. Allow for up to an hour for the firmware download to complete
  10. Select Detach to disconnect from the SCP

More Information

The Panel Utility may be downloaded from the Downloads section of the Dealer Area on the RS2 website.

Hardware | Miscellaneous | Panel Utility

End Users must contact their Authorized RS2 Dealer to obtain the Panel Utility.

The downloaded PanelUtility.zip file contains four files within a folder named Panel Utility:

  • APdll.dll
  • PanelUtil.exe
  • Scpd_Net.dll
  • SCPWrap.dll

The zip file must be extracted to and run from the Desktop. Once extracted, run the PanelUtil.exe from within the Panel Utility folder.

Do NOT extract this folder to the .\Program Files (x86)\RS2 Technologies\Access It! Universal directory. Doing so will result in system failure!

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  • 26-Oct-2018