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Temporary Device Control
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Access It! Universal V4 now allows for temporary control of Readers. An example of a temporary control would be issuing a command to Unlock a door, and then being able to instruct the reader to automatically re-lock after a certain amount of hours, or re-lock at a certain time of day. Temporary commands can be sent manually or through Tasks. Temporary device control is only supported in LP/EP series controllers running firmware and higher.

This functionality is not supported by legacy SCP controllers or Pro-Watch hardware.


  1. Within Access It! Universal V4.x, navigate to the Hardware Tree (Go | Main | Hardware)
  2. Select Installed Readers
  3. Select the reader a temporary command will be sent to
  4. From the commands list, select a command (i.e Unlock Reader)
  5. In the Set Reader mode window, select the appropriate option:
    Command options vary based on the specified command.
    • Set Mode Permanently - Will set the reader to the specified mode permanently.
    • Set mode for 'X' minutes - Will set the device to the selected mode for the specified amount of minutes or until a cancel temporary command is executed.
    • Set Mode until time - Will set the device to the selected mode until the specified time or until a cancel temporary command is executed. The time cannot span to the next day.
    • Cancel current temporary mode (restore to normal) - Cancels the current temporary mode assigned.
  6. Click OK

If temporary commands are not to be used in the system, there is an option when sending a direct command to never display the temporary dialog screen. To re-enable the dialog screen, the option Show Command Options must be selected (checked) within the Workstation properties screen.

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