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Increasing SIO Baud Rate To 115,200
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Increasing the SIO baud rate from the default of 38,400 to 115,200 will increase the communication speed between SCP and SIO. It is recommended that when using SIO encryption the 115,200 baud rate be used. Only EP series controllers can communicate downstream at 115,200.


To achieve the 115,200 SIO baud rate dip switches 6 and 7 must set to OFF.

Supported SIOs:

  • MR-50 min f/w 1.39.1
  • MR-52 min f/w 1.38.1
  • MR-16IN min f/w 1.30.1
  • MR-16OUT min f/w 1.30.1
  • MR-DT min f/w 1.63.0

Access It! Universal

  1. Navigate to the Hardware tree (Main | Hardware)
  2. Select SCPs
  3. In the right hand pane, edit the EP using 115,200 baud rate
  4. Within the SIO Port Speed section, select 115200
  5. Click Save

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