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LP/EP TLS 1.2 Encryption
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Enabling Transport Layer Security (TLS) will encrypt the traffic between SCP and the Access It! Universal.NET server. By using TLS, there is no longer a need to send master keys to the SCP, nor manage the keys on the Server machine. The certificate that is loaded in the controller will be what is used to generate the session keys that are used for encryption. By default, all LP panels are configured to use TLS if available.


LP/EP Web Browser

  1. Navigate to the LP/EP's internal web browser and log in (default credentials are admin/password)
  2. Select Host Comm from the left hand menu
  3. Within the Data Security pick list, select TLS Required or TLS if available
  4. Click Accept
  5. Click Apply Settings from the left hand menu
  6. Click Apply Settings, Reboot
    The web browser will close.

Access It! Universal.NET
The following steps are only required if the LP/EP web browser was configured to use the setting TLS Required.

  1. Within Access It! Universal.NET, navigate to the Hardware Tree (Go | Main | Hardware)
  2. Select Channels
  3. Edit the Channel that will be using TLS encryption
  4. Select the Advanced tab
  5. Select (Check) the option Transport Layer Security Required
  6. Click Save
  7. If successful, the SCP will report the communication status Normal/Encrypted

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