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Mercury M5 Hardware
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The M5 hardware is traditional Mercury hardware reshaped to fit the specific confines of a Casi Micro5 enclosure used in Picture Perfect™, Secure Perfect™ and Facility Commander™access systems.

M5 Hardware

Part Number Description Casi Equivalent Notes
M5-IC Controller PX, PXN, and PXNplus N/A
M5-2RP 2 Reader Interface Board 2RP 2-state digital inputs
M5-2SRP 2 Reader Interface Board 2SRP 4-state digital input
M5-8RP 8 Reader Interface Board 8RP F/2F Readers Only
M5-16DO 16 Digital Output Board 16DO 16 Solid State Switches
M5-16DOR 16 Digital Output Board 16DOR 16 Form-C Relays
M5-20IN 20 Input Board 20DI Uses 2 consecutive SIO Addresses
M2000 4 Reader Interface Board PX-2000 N/A

SIO Feature Matrix

Feature M5-2RP M5-2SRP M5-8RP M5-16DO M5-16DOR M5-20IN M5-2000
Weigand Readers X X . . . . .
Magstripe Readers X X . . . . .
F/2F Readers X X X . . . .
F/2F Supervised Readers X X X . . . X
Unsupervised Inputs X . . . . X X
Supervised Inputs . X . . . X X
Solid State Switches . . . X . . .
Form C- Relays X X . . X . X

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