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First Card Unlock
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The First Card Unlock feature allows for a card, or a specific card group to be presented during a timezone and the reader will automatically unlock. The reader then can re-lock based on a time schedule or controlled through a Task. Prior to configuring the First Card Unlock feature, a timezone with the time frame of when the door can unlock needs to preexist.


  1. Within the hardware tree (Main | Hardware), select Installed Readers
  2. Edit the reader that will be using the First Card Unlock
  3. Select the Reader Settings tab
  4. Within the Scheduled Reader Mode Changes, select the Timezone responsible for the reader to lock at the end of day
  5. In the Mode when timezone starts, select (No Mode Change)
  6. In the Mode when timezone ends, select the desired reader mode that the reader will enter at the end of the timezone
  7. Within the First Card Unlock section set Enabled during Timezone to the proper Timezone
    When a card is presented during this timezone it will will force the reader to unlock at the time the card is presented.
  8. If only a certain Card group can force the First Card Unlock Feature, select the card group from the Allowed Card Group section

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